We Bring Confidence to Your Event.

We supply tools and training so speakers look natural on-camera or on-stage.

When America’s top CEO’s and politicians need to talk with confidence, they contact us.

Tanner Teleprompting: we build confidence

How does this work?

We listen to your needs and help you choose the best teleprompter. We then match our friendly, skilled teleprompter operators and large 3-city inventory to your dates.

Our team delivers the teleprompter equipment, works with your crew to set it up, and formats the script. Then we train your speaker to look natural and authentic so they’re the hero. Afterwards, our billing is simple and straightforward.

What do we do?

We focus on teleprompter rentals around Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey, Napa, Silicon Valley, as well as Reno and Lake Tahoe. Our clients love our operators and fly us to prompt wherever their event is, worldwide.

You’ll see us teleprompting for political conventions, fundraising galas, commencements, sports icons, celebrities, CEOs, commercials, musicians, non-profits, and documentaries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

How can we help you?

Our tiny 7″ handheld prompters all the way to our gigantic 40″ megaprompters are quick to set-up on your tripod, Steadicam, jib, or go freestanding. High-bright monitors and batteries are available for prompting outdoors. We bring teleprompters for single video cameras or multiple studio rigs with returns monitors, too.

Standard or robotic presidential teleprompters for people using lecterns. Downstage monitors for speakers walking around on stage.

Be like Errol Morris with his riveting, direct-to-camera interviews. We’ve seen it mispelled as interrortron, interratron, interatron, interotron, interretron, and even nteratron.

These revolutionary interview systems get similar results to an Interrotron with less gear, less crew, and no electricity.

Save everyone’s time on set and get a good night’s sleep. We offer off-site teleprompter rehearsal days and training so you’re confident when presenting.

We feed your lyrics into high-bright teleprompter monitors encased in shrouds that look like audio speakers on stage.

So you can stay safe on set or interview from afar.

Cheap gear can kill an event. Instead, we help you choose quality teleprompters and software to purchase. Try before you buy.

We take your unique problem and make a great solution, whether you spell it TelePrompTer, telepromter, telepromper, or even AutoCue. 🙂

Learn more about teleprompters.

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