30 Years of Having Fun by Helping Clients

Celebrating 30 Years of Teleprompting by faking a TED Talk with multiple teleprompters simulating an audience.

I just drove to Sacramento for a client that wished to spice up their usual video training message with the premise of giving a talk to a “live” audience. I supplied three prompters on stands so that they could be maneuvered easily as needed. It took us a while to find a proper set up that felt good from the camera’s perspective, but the end result looked pretty neat.

I always appreciate creative requests that require creative solutions. This was also a fun “homecoming” gig because while we’re based in San Francisco now, 30 years ago I started prompting right there in Sacramento.

In September of 1993, Cal Image hired me to prompt for them, giving me ancient, anemic gear to work with their high end clients. I decided to buy my own prompter system to be able to make them look good… and when they found out I had my own gear, they fired me… basically creating the need for me to be my own company. Thanks for the boot that propelled me forward, Cal Image. RIP 🙂

I’m sooooooo grateful for all the cool people and companies that trusted me over 30 years with their speakers. And I’m incredibly grateful to the Tanner Teleprompting team that has joined me along the way. Here’s to more fun times ahead as we continue to evolve and improve.