A cool Powerpoint Notes to Teleprompter hack

As teleprompter operators, we’re usually just given text as a Word or Pages file, or even text pasted into an email. We then copy that and put it into our professional teleprompter program for smooth scrolling.

Lately however, there’s this slightly hated process for live events called PowerPrompt where producers simply give us a PowerPoint or Keynote deck and demand we “just pull all the notes out and make a script to follow along.”

Normally, the process is laborious: open the slide program, go to the first slide, open the Notes view, copy all the text, go to the Teleprompter program, paste the text, go back to the slides program, advance one slide, copy the text, go back to the teleprompter script and paste… repeat and repeat…

If it’s a long slide deck… it can take a looooong time of really intense focus! Multiply that by multiple speakers and suddenly you’re hating this process.

Plus, this creates the possibility for lots of errors by getting the slide order wrong when pasting, or not copying the entire section of notes, or pasting the same text twice etc…

There’s an easier way.

I made a quick demo for you, here. In this case, while we use Presentation Prompter on a Macbook, this can be used for any Mac based prompting software. 

PC laptops have a simple export function that I found here. 

That’s it! Have fun and happy prompting.