Almost Famous

Yay for last minute calls for work.

Even “yay-er” if it involves nice drives to Tahoe.

Even more “Yay” if it involves working with Sammy Hagar.

Can it get more “Yay”? Yes, add Roger Daltrey getting interviewed by said Red Rocker. …and I got to be there.

That is, until Roger poilitely declined using a prompter and so I sat outside the 20 minute interview… just in case. Still, I got paid to drive a fun convertible on a fun road and work with fun people. AND… I heard the sound check with The freakin’ Who!

Honestly, about 15% of my business is being on a job site, with gear ready and script loaded, waiting for a client who maaaaaaay want prompter, or their handlers thiiiiiiiink they might need it, and then…. erm, “no”… pack up and leave…

Still, the honor of being asked to do something like this, the trust on their part, and to work with cool crews, is just fun! Regardless if I actually scroll.

And nope, I didn’t stay for the show. I was told by our producers in no uncertain terms, we were not to stay for a free concert, heh.

Still…. I was there at the start, which still dare I say it, “Rocked!”

Life is so crazyunexpectedfunamaziing. Thanks thanks thanks…