Being a teleprompter tech at the Invictus Games for the BBC was not easy.

The Invictus Games 2016 Orlando are over, but I had the best time there! Tons of talent in the crew from the BBC and local folks, too. Super glad I got flown in to assist for a week.

The genuine camaraderie of the participants, their supportive families and well, Prince Harry smiling throughout it all, was just amazing.

First off, wounded veterans from about 14 countries were there, including Georgia, Jordan, and Afghanistan plus the friendly(?) rivals of the UK and USA. Participants all had some level of PTST or physical impairment related to war.

These differ from Paralympics, in that these were not professional athletes. The Invictus athletes often still had to support a family after their injury, and some said they found sports as their way to recover their feelings of worth and achievement.

The way they play basketball and rugby was anything but pitiful. They were masters! They turn basketball into a very different sport than what I’m used to, playing with hoops at the standard height even, and still making three pointers with ease.

Having Prince Harry take time to visit the set was also pretty amazing! His presence and supportive love for the whole contest was obvious.

And, the BBC. Mostly an all new crew to me, they still exhibited the professional attitude and grace I admire that is quintessentially British.

More please:)

Okay, glad to be back home, too… love my Bay Area weather and the video production community here, too. Purrrrrrr.