A teleprompter swimming in a sea of medicinal plants.

Teleprompting and medicinal plants

This was a fun teleprompter gig, up in Mendocino County at a unique agricultural center, because eventually, everybody needs a legit safety […]

Acting Chancellor Ralph Hexter speaking at the commencement for UC Davis.

Commencement Creativity

I’m back at UC Davis, teleprompting for their commencement ceremonies. I’ve been here since Wednesday, working 12 hrs tomorrow, and will be […]

A stock image from an internet search that totally has presidential teleprompting all wrong.

We are by your side.

By hiring a teleprompter operator, you’re never alone on stage. But first I want you to notice the stock photography image above, […]

A comic from XKCD.com/1288 talking about substitutions in news scripts.

Teleprompter Humor

Teleprompter Temptations: Find/Replace “cloud” with “clown” in this actual script: “The cloud platform will be critical to driving growth across your business. […]

Working at a Who concert... sort of.

Almost Famous

Yay for last minute calls for work. Even “yay-er” if it involves nice drives to Tahoe. Even more “Yay” if it involves […]

Our battery powered teleprompter outside with a drone

Teleprompters and drones

This was a fun solution to a random problem. We were originally asked to simply provide a teleprompter for an outdoors shoot. […]