Controlling the speed of a teleprompter

How to save a show during COVID 19

Here’s a real life, anonymized, email exchange with a client, that saved a show and countless people’s income. I hope this serves […]

POV commencement teleprompter

Special Events

With presidential teleprompters, speakers look at the audience, instead of their notes. Important names and facts are always included. Last minute edits […]

CERT Training

While this may not deal with teleprompting, it does deal with life. I like life and helping others stay alive. So, read […]

Toni Atkins, President pro tempore of the California State Senate, using our presidential teleprompter.

Toni Atkins and the TeleStepper

I was super honored to provide teleprompting services for the Senate of California, when the first woman, and first out member of […]

Teleprompting in the round

I worked on an interesting teleprompter rig this week. It’s a massive ballroom, with a stage in the center of the room, […]