“But we only have a few lines. We don’t need a prompter.”

While we completely understand budgets, we also know your editor needs a prompter so each take is identical instead of ad-libbed. Your lawyer needs them to make sure they didn’t misspeak. Your talent actually loves them. That’s because, often, your talent is not a trained actor. So any stress you place on them will show on camera. It may seem silly for three sentences to be teleprompted, but if you’re focused on getting your CEO in and out without stress, then it’s the best way to go. At the very least, bring a prompter on standby. 

We’ve prompted for too many executives and sports heroes, who were so relieved to see the teleprompter mirror and text. Way too many of those spent the night memorizing their lines.

So let them get a good night’s sleep and reassure them a prompter AND operator will be ready for them on shoot day.  I mention the operator since we’ve also had too many experiences where the executive mentioned bad recordings with auto-scrolling systems that went too fast.

While it’s money you could be saving, professional teleprompter equipment and operators often prevent an entire crew going into meal penalty or overtime. Plus your executive sits down, reads their lines, and leaves in minutes, still feeling fresh. They’ll remember that experience the next time they’re asked to do a video. And so will their admins😜

When you’re an executive in front of a camera, wouldn’t you like to be:

  •   Confident?
  •   Inspiring?
  •   Comfortable?
  •   Natural?

Then choose teleprompters.