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How does an Interrotron work?

An Interrotron replaces an impersonal camera lens with a friendly face. Rent it from Tanner Teleprompting near San Francisco or fly it to wherever you are.

An Interrotron replaces a camera lens with a friendly face.  Instead of talking to some off-camera stranger, the subject speaks right to the camera. This way, your audience is in the conversation, not just eavesdropping. The great documentary filmmaker Errol…

Zen Teleprompting

Neil with Pendarvis Harshaw

Teleprompting is a dance. People often assume that the teleprompter operator drives the speed of the speech. They think that we just set the pace and the speaker has to follow us. It’s not uncommon for people to think they’d…

How does a teleprompter work?

An illustration of Pepper's Ghost: Smoke and Mirrors

A teleprompter is the modern version of “smoke and mirrors.” There was this theatrical method called “Pepper’s Ghost” in the 1860’s that used a stretched piece of thin fabric placed between the audience and the stage. It was invisible unless…