Emojis for Teleprompters??

Yup, emojis have crept into teleprompting!  

This was a special circumstance, because the dialogue between two actors was rapid fire. Their names would actually take up too much space on the screen when I was scrolling quickly.  

Normally the solution is to just delete their names entirely and specify colors like what you see:

Colored Text

Larry’s text is red, Mary’s text is green, etc   

But this time the talent wanted to teleprompt with emojis 🙂  

So, I asked the talent who they wanted to be… the answered A Unicorn and a Koala.

Then find > replace. Boom!  Emojis in a teleprompter script!

We’ll often use a smiley face at the end of a script to make the speaker remember to smile and hold. We also use other emojis for different reminders during their speech.

Actually, the teleprompter software I use, PresentationPrompter, will allow for jpegs, too, so if you need to include a reference slide like PowerPoint or Keynote or the picture of a happy cat to make the talent smile… it’s now easy!!!  

Yay technology!