Going green or bad car day?

Both… I generally try to take mass transit when I do teleprompting in downtown SF, even if it means lugging cases and carts on our local train system: BART.

Today however, its because I’m temporarily car-less. Last night, as I drove up the 101 from another teleprompter gig, the rear hatch on my Ford Focus wagon magically opened… at 70mph. Because of the speed, the hatch stayed down until I cut across the five lanes and slowed to 20mph, then it swung upwards on its own.

Luckily for me -and the cars behind me- the 80 pound teleprompter case stayed in the car. So, I calmly threw on the emergency flasher lights then gaff taped down the door:) Yay! Gaffers tape fixes everything! (And amazingly didn’t take off my car’s paint!!)

Today, I drove the car to the dealership, walked a mile pulling the teleprompter case to our storage unit, then swapped that out for an empty cart, then dragged that to the Bart station, took the train downtown, walked six blocks to my client, picked up grabbed a freestanding 19″ teleprompter unit that they were finished with, (pictured) took Bart back to the storage unit and headed home.

Whew… quite the workout:)  All on foot or train.

Final note, I got the car repaired the next day. It was a design fault by the manufacturer that was surprisingly common. So, until next time?

Even with all the obstacles, I stayed green, stayed calm, and still satisfied my clients with our teleprompting services. This is our commitment to you, our environment, and our health.

Being green: Neil took his teleprompter on a bike and mass transit for a high pollution warning day.