How do I match scrolling titles with a live presenter?

I was asked to provide a solution for scrolling names for a live awards show, where the words had to be able to be sped up or slowed down to match the live presenter.

They called me in after trying editing software and making a video, which would have been only capable of a preset speed. Preset speeds never work since people’s names vary so much in both length and syllables 🙂

We came up with the creative solution of pairing teleprompter software with a projector.

We matched the font and color with the rest of their graphics, and then waited for the names to be called and matched their presenter’s pace.

Some of the client’s award readers practiced and learned the proper pronunciation of names from other counties. Sadly, other presenters didn’t, so the names of respected workers get mangled in front of their peers. Aieeeee!!!