“I’m just starting out. Hiring a teleprompter operator is overkill.”

You don’t need to hire a teleprompting professional.

But I really don’t recommend using a simple teleprompter app on autoscroll by yourself. Just get your spouse, friend, or admin to run the app and match your speed.  For example, the number “$23,577” takes up a small amount of space on the screen, and would go by quickly on a preset speed. However, to speak aloud “twenty-three thousand five hundred and seventy seven dollars” takes a lot longer. Suddenly you’d be behind and most likely hating prompters:)

Your assistant can match your pace with a handheld speed controller, or even another iPhone or tablet.

Phrases that look great on paper don’t always sound great when spoken out loud.

Your friend can listen and give feedback too. Speakers get passionate may not notice they missed words or made no sense. A friend will catch it immediately. This saves you from only noticing it when you’re editing the video, long after you’ve put away the camera and lights.