Can’t I just do my own teleprompting?

“Why don’t I just do this myself?”

People watch us operate our gear and see that the show is smooth with great results. They then wonder if they could do the same thing without having to spend money on an operator— just do it themselves.

I admit I’m biased with my response. My team and I have countless years doing teleprompting and training of speakers. We know all sorts of tricks to make the speaker appear more natural on camera.

Learning new software is doable but not when a camera crew and your CEO is waiting:)  More than once a client handed me a new script right before walking on stage. I had three minutes to get it right. Do you want that pressure?

We definitely offer rentals.

If you have a casual job and aren’t rushed, then renting from us is a good, inexpensive solution. Producers know the difference between a high stakes job and one that is “Good enough.” Not everything has to be perfect.

All of our equipment is available for rental including  iPad prompting systems. We’ll happily train you or someone on your team. And we’re available by phone when you have questions on set.

Your choice.

By doing it yourself, you save money up front. Plus, teleprompting can be fun. You will need to split your attention between your current role and running a teleprompter, so the shoot may go longer or be stressful.

By hiring a professional teleprompter operator, you get years of dedicated experience and service. You can focus entirely on the presentation and your speaker’s needs. Yes, it’s costlier to have a dedicated teleprompter operator, but compared to what?

Ultimately, no one wants to waste time or money. Whatever you choose, we’re here to help with useful teleprompting advice, rentals, and experienced operators.