Prompting in the Time of COVID19

This is from a post I sent to my fellow teleprompter operators around the world… And yes, we all know each other 😉

As we see shows cancel left and right because of the whole COVID-19 scare, it’d be smart to mention to the canceling producer, that “Since you have all that content ready to go, and the message still needs to be sent, we’re still available to teleprompt for your client when you do that in-house broadcast.”
That little phrase has saved four events now… PLUS, when they realize you can shove Powerpoint slides into the larger prompters, all of a sudden you have an extra rental.

We’re doing an event today in a hotel ballroom that is a hybrid… a select few “live audience” in front of the professional stage and backdrop, in front of three cameras, one with a giant prompter and a presidential setup as well.

We all just have to adapt during COVID-19.


—Neil Tanner