Rock and Roll Teleprompter

I got requested to operate my downstage monitor lyric teleprompter for some cover band…

…a super group, they said, made up of ex- or current members of once famous rock bands… “OK, very cool. I’m in!”

They gave me the set list when I showed up with my teleprompter and laptops: songs by Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots, the Cars, Ozzy, ZZ Top, and Billy Idol. The usual standards of fun rock songs for a private corporate event… or honestly, a wedding too.

It was a good rehearsal. Donovan Leitch sang most of the covers with his goofy, high-energy style.

The actual show was a blast. Donovan did the first few songs as planned. Then… surprise: Billy Gibbons was there to sing his songs from ZZ Top… after that, Billy Idol was there to sing his songs, and then after that: freakin’ Ozzy Osbourne was there to sing HIS songs!!!!!

Afterwards, Idol came by and shook everybody’s hand backstage. A truly good guy rock and roller. Would it be weird to call Billy Idol a gentleman? 🙂 By the way, Dave Navarro was in the group, too. Just fun!

As a kid, I never imagined I’d be on the same stage, let alone doing teleprompter for Ozzy Osbourne.