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We focus on tools and training so you look natural and your audience wants more.

When America’s top CEO’s and politicians need to speak with confidence, they call us.

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Teleprompter rentals for individual or multiple video cameras.

Robotic presidential prompters and downstage monitors for live events, musicians, and commencements.

Wireless and portable teleprompters for Steadicam or jibs, and outdoors in full sun. We prompt in many foreign languages.

While our talented operators love living in Sacramento, San Francisco, and San José, we can travel to you or safely do remote teleprompting.

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And So Much More

Interrotron, EyeDirect, and VoxBox let you interview direct-to-camera like Errol Morris.

Teleprompter training and rehearsals save time and help you look great.

Teleprompter reviews and advice when you need to purchase, plus custom Teleprompter fabrication and upgrades, too.

We happily rent Teleprompters, Interrotron, and Autocue systems to professionals who fly into SFO, or local crews who need extra support.


The Interrotron makes for great interviews.

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Presidential Teleprompter

What is a Presidential Teleprompter?

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An evil clown reading from our teleprompter

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Steadicam running a wireless teleprompter from Neil Tanner in San Francisco

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Sacramento is the birthplace of Tanner Teleprompting.

Sacramento state capiteol is one our favorite spots for teleprompting.

Neil Tanner started teleprompting in Sacramento in 1993. While he moved his teleprompter company to San Francisco in 1998, clients in Sacramento still feel secure knowing that we love to take care of them.

We have several operators near Sacramento with a cache of teleprompter gear including video camera teleprompters, our robotic rise-and-fall TeleStepper presidential prompter, and an Interrotron. Plus, our full teleprompter facility is just 90 minutes away in the Bay Area with all the gear you could need.

We have teleprompted the last five governors of California: Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grey Davis, and Pete Wilson, including inaugural and State of the State speeches. We are honored to have been the first company to bring in presidential teleprompters for both chambers of the Capitol Building for Speaker Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Leader Anthony Rendon. We also prompt the annual State of the City speeches for Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and nearby cities, too.

We supplied and operated teleprompters for the Golden 1 Center, the California Capitol, the State Assembly, the State Senate, the California’s Governor’s Mansion, Old Town Sacramento, the Sacramento Kings, and the California Railroad Museum.

We love Sacramento and have done teleprompting in many nearby northern California cities and counties, including Rancho Cordova, Napa, Marin, Sonoma, Davis, Chico, Stockton, Tracy, Elk Grove, and Modesto.

Reno and Lake Tahoe are great cities for fun and teleprompting

Neil Tanner Teleprompting and Training loves working and staying in Reno, Nevada

We love the Biggest Little City in the World! And please Keep Tahoe Blue!

Neil traveled a lot here as a kid and grew up wandering the construction sites of some of the major casinos like Circus Circus. He really misses the Pneumatic Diner and Cafe DeLuxe… just saying 🙂 We regularly do teleprompter in Reno, Tahoe and Las Vegas, Nevada to make your event look fantastic.

We’ve prompted for both Democratic and Republican Governor races in Nevada, plus Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama & Michelle Obama when they came and gave speeches in Reno. We prompt for corporate and non-profits when they do retreats and meetings in northern Nevada, too. We’ve also done teleprompting for golf championships in Lake Tahoe for many years. Las Vegas is just a plane ride away and we love teleprompting there, too.