You want your speaker to hit a home run the first time, right?

Camera Teleprompters.  Our tiny 7″ to gigantic 40″ prompters are quick to set-up on your tripod, Steadicam, jib, or go freestanding. High-bright monitors and batteries are available for prompting outdoors. We bring prompter systems for individual video cameras or multiple studio rigs.

• Speech Teleprompters. Standard or robotic presidential teleprompters for lecterns — or downstage monitors for walking on stage. 

Remote Teleprompting.  So you can stay safe on set or interview from afar.

• Interrotron Rentals.  Be like Errol Morris with his riveting, direct-to-camera interviews.

• EyeDirect or VoxBox Rentals.  These revolutionary interview systems get similar results to an Interrotron with less gear and no electricity.

• Teleprompter Training.  Save everyone’s time on set and get a good night’s sleep. We offer off-site rehearsal days and training so you’re confident when presenting.

• Musician Teleprompters.  We feed your lyrics into high-bright monitors encased in shrouds that look like audio speakers on stage.

• Teleprompter Reviews.  Cheap gear can kill an event. Instead, we help you choose quality teleprompters and software to purchase. Try before you buy.

• Custom Teleprompter Fabrication.  We take your unique problem and make a great solution.

Pedestal Teleprompter 1200