Additional Items on request

Various teleprompter adapters and gadgets for teleprompting• Teradek Bolt 500 HDMI transmitter and receiver for wireless handheld or Steadicam shoots.

• Pelican encased battery systems for field use.

• Canon, V-Brick or Anton Bauer mount adapters for your batteries to power our gear.

• LED lights for Interrotron and EyeDirect interviewers

• Individual monitors, like our Boland 15″ and 19″ Daybright LCD units or our 24″, 30″, 40″, & 55″ confidence monitors.

• Adapters for your iPad to connect to our teleprompter monitors.

• Scan converters, EDID generators, switchers, Decimators, and distribution amplifiers.

• Wireless slide advance controllers for Keynote or PowerPoint.

• Printers and paper.

• Heavy-duty, professional tripod, with or without wheels.

• Assorted custom rigs and gizmos we’ve built over the years for special situations. Neil used to be a prop-master and set-builder, and he still finds way to improve on what is stock.

• Experience. Well, that’s always available free of charge. We have rented gear to people and companies around the world since 1993.