Camera Mount Teleprompters

Each prompter is chosen to help your talent appear natural on camera.

Our systems are easy to adjust for all sizes of film and video cameras—with minimal f-stop loss. They range from basic iPad prompters, to more professional 7″ monitors all the way to a 40″ monster. We have high-bright units for outside use which can be battery-powered. We also have multiple studio systems for teleprompting on multicam shoots. Over-the-Shoulder setups are great for when two people face each other while reading their lines or Q&A.

There’s a lot of options— so we’ll help you choose the right teleprompter for your unique situation.

While we do offer teleprompter rentals, most of our systems are delivered & set up by our friendly, skilled teleprompter operators so that there’s no stress figuring things out on site— plus you finish early!

7 inch PRomptBox teleprompter: great for handheld and Steadicam

This unique design quickly connects to the top shoe or 1/4″ thread on your camera or 15mm rods. AC or camera-powered via 4 pin XLR or Anton-Bauer PowerTap connectors. Wireless feed available. 3 pounds. VGA and HDMI input. Lens opening 115mm.  You can also take the mirror hood off to make an even lighter above-the-lens prompter.

Front view of the PROmptbox 7" model

10 inch teleprompter: our light, bright powerhouse

Quick and easy to set up on 15mm or 19mm rods. You can remove the hood and tilt the monitor 90º to face the talent, making it great for jibs, complex matte boxes, and LiteRings. Power with AC or your camera’s 4-pin XLR or PowerTap connectors. VGA, HDMI, and SDI inputs.  7.2 lbs with rods and mirror attached. 

10 inch pro prompter owned by Tanner Teleprompting

15 inch: The workhorse of our fleet.

Perfect for jibs and studio work. Ask for the high-bright and battery upgrade if you are shooting out in the sun. Available as a free-standing option. VGA, HDMI and looped HD-SDI connectors. 18 pounds.

Lightweight and easy to balance for jib arm teleprompting

19 inch teleprompter: Big and versatile

For big matte boxes, extreme wide-angle lenses, multiple cameras sharing one eyeline, or when your subject doesn’t want to wear glasses. These are great when Keynote or PowerPoint is used instead of prompting. Ask for the high-bright and battery upgrade if you are shooting out in the sun. We offer remote slide controllers, and with an optional rig that has a 19″ return monitor for Zoom or studio feeds. Available as a free-standing option. 25 pounds. VGA, HDMI and looped SDI inputs.

A RED camera on our big 19" teleprompter.

22 inch teleprompter: great for studio work

Our largest camera mounted system is great for when you have PTZ cameras that need to have a wider space to pan around in, or giant matte boxes. We’ve even had clients place multiple cameras under the hood. It’s fantastic for when the talent is further away from camera, too. Available to be tripod mounted with an optional 22″ return monitor for Zoom or studio feeds. There’s also a freestanding option. It takes VGA, HDMI and looped HD-SDI connectors.
Tanner Teleprompting's largest camera mounted teleprompter, a 22" system.

40 inch teleprompter: our Megaprompter

Our largest camera prompter is freestanding only and is best for when you have multiple cameras, PTZ cameras that need room to pan, when you’re using slides, or when your talent is a mile away from camera 🙂 HDMI only.
Tanner Teleprompting's new custom built 40 inch freestanding mega-prompter allows presenters to read their script from up to 50 feet away.