Because we use this gear every day, it has to be robust and trustworthy.

Big lenses from Angenieux require big teleprompters

The systems are lightweight, AC or DC powered, and some can be used outside in bright daylight. We also supply various converters, battery packs, wireless units, and other gadgets to make your production easier. We offer training for everything, too.

In addition to teleprompters, we offer direct-to-camera interview equipment like Erroll Morris’ Interrotron and EyeDirect & VoxBox Pro.

We’re constantly upgrading and refining our systems to suit your needs. If you need something unique, please ask us. We’ll either have it or build it ourselves. Neil used to be a prop maker and still has all the tools. He often comes up with something new and fabricates it the next day. We create and sell custom teleprompters, including robotic presidential teleprompters or concert teleprompters that look like stage monitors (word wedges).

Want your VIP speaker to look confident while you save money?