Pre-Show Teleprompter Rehearsals

All too often, a script is completely re-written on the day of the event.

It’s commonly the first time the talent has even seen what has been created for them. This can be exhausting to the talent and stressful to the client. It can also be expensive with the rest of the video crew waiting around and entering overtime.

Our solution is to offer a teleprompter and script rehearsal day with just your talent, your team, and one of us. It could be either at your location or via video conferencing tools like Zoom, Webex, Skype or Google Meet.

Compare the cost of just our time versus paying for an entire stage and crew. We can also do rehearsal days with professional presidential prompter or camera mount teleprompters. This gives your talent a chance to:

• Get introduced to the flow of teleprompter.

• Hear how their scripts work when spoken aloud versus just seen as words on paper.

• Make edits with legal or marketing teams, or with the scriptwriter present.

It also allows the talent a good night’s sleep, knowing their script is tight. Ultimately, it allows the real event to go smoothly and saves considerable time and stress.