Speech Teleprompting: Presidential or Downstage Monitors

Join Joe Biden, Barack & Michelle Obama, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others who use our speech prompters.

We’ll create a perfect teleprompter solution for you whether your speaker stands in front of a lectern or walks around on stage.

Presidential Teleprompters use special glass panels that flank your lectern.

They appear in both sides of the presenter’s vision, allowing the speaker to look at the audience while effortlessly reading their script. If there’s multiple speakers of different heights, we offer our robotic rise-and-fall presidential Telestepper system.

Presidential teleprompters

Our SILVER presidential teleprompter rental system includes:

• two standard bases with monitor privacy shrouds.

• two mirrors and clamps.

• a laptop computer with speech teleprompter software. 

• two 15 inch LCD monitors.

• 25 feet HDMI Cable, distribution amp, switcher, and accessories.

Our GOLD presidential teleprompter rental system includes everything in the SILVER presidential teleprompter system PLUS:

• a spare mirror

• primary and backup laptop computers

• two 19 inch LCD monitors.

• 100 feet SDI Cable.

Our PLATINUM robotic presidential teleprompter rental system includes everything in the GOLD presidential teleprompter system PLUS:

• two robotic, rise-and-fall TeleStepper poles with remote control

• two ultra grippy mirror clamps

• two HIGHBRIGHT 19 inch LCD monitors.

• 150 feet SDI Cable.

• uninterrupted power supply (UPS) if requested.

While we’re based in San Francisco, our presidential teleprompter systems can be shipped anywhere you need them.

We send our friendly, skilled technicians to deliver, setup, and operate the teleprompters. These can also go as solo rentals to approved clients.

Printers are also available.

Using more than one lectern? We have multiple, connected presidential teleprompter systems.

We also offer dual operators for high stress events and rapid, live edits.

We have solid mirrors, highbright monitors, and taller monitor shrouds for presidential teleprompting outdoors.

Please note that we do not supply a lectern.

Downstage Monitor, or DSM teleprompter, is great for performers walking around on stage

Downstage Monitors are great when your speaker wanders on stage.

We offer 24 to 55 inch confidence monitors that are placed just downstage or hung in the lighting grid. These are similar to other monitors that may display PowerPoint or Keynote. With proper training, your speaker can just glance at the monitors to read their words and carry on talking with the audience.

Downstage monitors are placed between the speaker and the audience, typically at the audience’s feet but sometimes on stage, too. The presenter can walk around on stage while occasionally looking at the script. 

DSM’s are not recommended for a word-for-word script, since the speaker would appear to be focused solely on the ground, but for bullet points or slide notes, they’re brilliant!

Our talented team of friendly technicians will help train your speaker to be in any situation.

While we do offer presidential and DSM teleprompter rentals, most of our systems are delivered and set up by our friendly, skilled technicians. This way there’s no stress with your team trying to learn unfamiliar equipment. Plus with our team, you finish early!

We sometimes connect presidential and DSM units together for maximum flexibility across a variety of speakers.

Here’s a great article on the history of the Presidential teleprompter.