Remote Teleprompting

Let’s get back to work!

We pioneered remote teleprompting decades before COVID-19 forced people to do video from the safety of their homes. We’re recognized as remote prompting experts and train teleprompter operators worldwide.

We use Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, and even Skype to do distant teleprompting. We can remotely control our laptops or iPads on your site for less latency. We can feed teleprompter text to your client’s phones and laptops, too!

We regularly sanitize and ship remote teleprompter flypacks around the country. You can attach your camera to our prompters, fly them to your presenter and have them unpack it at their home office. You control the camera remotely, and we scroll their words, safely and securely.

You can also do remote Interrotron, where the director’s reassuring face appears on our teleprompters to do interviews.

Need to have your producer or client stay safely at home? We can stream your camera video directly to them by using our streaming encoders and laptops.