Teleprompter solutions for people with dyslexia

Worked another great gig… with a presenter with dyslexia. 

As a teleprompter operator, I regularly get “behind the scenes” access with presenters with their speech writers or admins. This is where I learn that they’ve privately struggled reading with prompters because of the way letters appear to them. And as someone who wants to make things go smoothly for the presenter AND crew, I’m always looking for solutions.

I worked an event earlier this year where one administrative assistant mentioned a cool solution— a special font that subtly differentiates the letters… adds more space around the words and other tweaks.

You’ll notice the letters are fatter at the bottom, and the “m” for example, is leaning against the grain.

My choice is a font called “Open Dyslexic.” It’s shareware, and worth a lot to the right people.