Teleprompters and drones

This was a fun solution to a random problem.

We were originally asked to simply provide a teleprompter for an outdoors shoot. So that means bringing a battery and a highbright monitor. Normal stuff for us…

But when we got there, a drone operator was doing their thing too, and the talent was asked to memorize two minutes of their speech so they could use the drone footage instead the tripod footage where the prompter was.

The talent was not happy and was wasting take after take.

So, I came up with the solution to extend the prompter on a super tall grip stand. That way the drone could do its two minute tour of the scenery while the presenter was simultaneously reading their lines…

Then magically, the drone would drop to reveal the presenter, talking to the prompter and voila… a damn cool shot!

I’m so grateful for challenging situations and cool crews willing to try something new to make life better for the talent and the end product.