Teleprompting in the jungle, sorta.

So last night was awesome.  

First of all, it was a venue I hadn’t worked in before—the City View—above the Metreon in San Francisco.   Second, it was a fundraiser for a cause I love and support: EWG. They’re the people who rate the safety of the ingredients within the confusing variety of haircare, skin, and beauty products. (Think: what IS in your shampoo or sunscreen anyway???)  

And finally, it was teleprompting for Michelle Pfieffer. And she rocked it! Not many people I’ve ever worked with have been able to sight read a script so naturally and make it as if she was thinking it up on the spot.  

She rehearsed once, cold, then made some edits with me, did another rehearsal, and then showed up again two hours later for the show. And nailed it: Applause every paragraph.  

The funny part of it was that the control booth was over 300 feet away. Since I didn’t bring THAT much cable, and everywhere else was in public view, they placed me behind some palm plants… fifteen feet from the lectern… And so, for two hours, I stayed camouflaged and utterly still—like a tiger in the jungle, lol.

I’m certain people saw me, but I played the part of the intent technician, never making eye contact or acknowledging this was, in any way, really, really weird 🙂