Teleprompters in the Rain

Teleprompters and laptops in the rain.

Expensive electronics and water. What could be better?

Still, when I’m asked to come up with a solution, I’m happy for the challenge.

Here’s some best practices for teleprompting in the rain or other wet conditions, like boats.

One event was for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006 inauguration as California Governor in Sacramento. We were told the weather forecast was rainy and that I would need to place my camera teleprompter on a jib.

Giant 55 gallon contractor garbage bags are your friend. I wrapped the camera as well as the jib motors in such a way that any rain wouldn’t pool (affecting the weight and balance.) I also had to prevent any water that might drip down cables to the monitor. I bought clear plastic bags to cover the monitor screen.

Everything worked perfectly. Luckily, it stopped raining after the event, so tear-down was easy. I still had to let the cases and other exposed gear dry out for a few days… so, perhaps I’d suggest hazard pay or an extra gear charge if I did this again.

An associate of mine, Aaron Ralph Thomas sent me these lower images of his experience prompting in Delaware. He asked me about solutions for presidential teleprompting in the rain. I repeated the clear plastic bag suggestion and a few other tips including having cables drape lower so that any rain wouldn’t enter this way. He used the tips, made a few modifications to his system and everyone was happy. Good job Aaron!

For boats, I’d do the same, but wrapping everything a little tighter since the spray would come from more directions, and be extra careful with the sealing, and rinsing afterwards because of the salt content in the water…

Have a great show!

Covering the presidential teleprompter monitors in clear plastic to prevent rain from ruining expensive electronics. Image courtesy Aaron Ralph Thomas Waterproofing the teleprompter laptop under clear plastic. Image courtesy Aaron Ralph Thomas RESERVE YOUR PROMPTER TODAY