Teleprompting the State of the Union Rebuttal

There’s always an official rebuttal to the State of the Union…

…but did you know there’s a Spanish language version as well? Yup, since 2011.

In 2019, the official Democratic rebuttal en Español was given by California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the high school library where he graduated. Very cool!

Scores of high school kids and other guests waited through the president’s SOTU speech while nomming on Americanized Mexican food. My high school librarian Mr. Pfiester would be bummed about the whole “food in libraries thing,” but it all worked out.

Hint, the audience here was very different than that in DC… About five minutes after Trump’s broadcast ended, California’s Attorney General walked up and delivered his rebuttal, carried live on Univision.

And although Spanish is not my first language, it was a good experience: making edits, finding where Apple placed the foreign language accents on the keyboard, and following along with the live speech.


And yes, teleprompting for live events is very different than recorded corporate pieces. A sense of calm, trust with the speaker, and faith in your equipment makes it go smoothly.

Cool times, cool clients. Grateful to be experiencing all this 🙂

And I’m sooooper grateful for a democracy where opposing views are valued and not locked away.