Toni Atkins and the TeleStepper

I was super honored to provide teleprompting services for the Senate of California, when the first woman, and first out member of the LGBTQ community took the oath of President Pro Tem.

As she said in her speech… “It’s the first time, and it’s about time.”

I love moments like this. It’s been an honor to work with her over the years. Thanks President Pro Tem Atkins!!!

On a side note, our robotic rise and fall TeleSteppers also made history as the first presidential teleprompters inside the California Senate.

While we normally use the TeleSteppers to adjust the height of the glass for multiple different speakers, this time, she was the only speaker. The camera crews and photographers covering the historic event appreciated that we were able to retract the prompter glass out of their shots.

The teleprompter mirrors were down and hidden during the other speakers, then discreetly raised to be at the perfect level for Senator Atkins. During the well-deserved applause at her conclusion, I lowered the teleprompter glass back down to hide it out of the photographers’ shots.

I love this technology. So easy to use, and so solid!! Yay TeleStepper!!