What is the difference between an EyeDirect, Interrotron, or VoxBox?

The results are mostly the same. The Interrotron requires electricity, an extra tripod, camera, cables and often a technician to set it up. However, for long interviews it’s best for the director to sit comfortably wherever they want and the Interrotron is perfect for this. With the Eyedirect or VoxBox, it’s quicker to set up, and can always be rented without a technician. It does however require the director to stand, sit, or squat at lens height for the duration of the take. The director’s face is in the frame, but the body is right nearby, so body gestures are perfectly visible and useful: just imagine how you would use your hands in a standard conversation. With the Interrotron, body gestures are visible depending on how the director is framed in the lens. It could be just the head, or whole torso. The EyeDirect is the original from Texas and is sled mounted, the VoxBox is a newer design from the UK and can attach via camera rods or made freestanding.

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